How to customize your Motorcycle Helmet?

In everyday life it’s fun and personal to add a unique touch to the things we own; and we do it every day. For our phone cases, our clothing, our books; we like to put a symbol or symbolic drawing on what we own to make it ours and a representation of who we are and it is becoming more and more difficult to prevent this from happening.

Joyfully, such is the case with motorcycle helmets. It is now becoming easier to change the way your motorcycle helmet looks in order to get it to suit what you want it look like. If you’re having trouble thinking of designs, the first step is to think of what you like and how exactly that will translate to a custom design on your helmet.


What is customizable?

When you think of the word customizable and add that with the word motorcycle helmet and some people might fail to see the connection that can be made. The outer shell of the motorcycle helmet is the only practical location, which you can customize your helmet and the only place you would want to visually change.

For the most part the basic forms of adding customization to your motorcycle helmet comes from stickers, drawings, painting or scratching, however as technology has progressed it is also possible to make improvements such as changing the way it looks, molding new helmet designs or adding attachments to the outside of the helmet.


What should I look for in my custom items?

There are a plethora of different things you can do to your helmet to make it custom designed. Mentioned below is a selection of the possible features but as always this is not a definitive list. There could be more ways of changing your motorcycle helmet or methods that are still being perfected. The popular ones include:

  • Stickers
  • Painting
  • Adding features

Stickers are the most basic and most notable feature of customizing any piece of equipment, even a motorcycle helmet. They are also the easiest method of getting a custom design ready and able to be placed on an object, with the creation of a sticker now a simple, cheap and easy process to get done.

Painting is another method that you can employ to change the design of your helmet, however it requires painting skills. If you want the best looking design then it might be best to get a friend who has a steady hand and knowledge of painting or see a professional who can give you a work of art for an affordable price.

Key Takeaway: Adding custom features to the helmet can give an even greater personal design to your helmet. Some examples include adding horns or even protruding eyes to give the motorcycle helmet a unique look as well as more depth. These items are mostly made from scratch but can sometimes be found online.


What is important to remember when customizing?

One thing you may forget is that it needs to be resistant to everyday use as a motorcycle helmet. You will be travelling; the helmet will be exposed to high winds and also to the elements such as rain, dirt, debris, and maybe even hail. Having weak attachments or non-durable paint and stickers will result in your designs getting ruined.

Additionally it is best to keep the custom aspect of the helmet relatively in check to ensure that they do not offend other people or cause problems. Having a helmet with statements that are offensive could incite violence and might result in other people feeling hurt as well as possibly putting you in danger.

Key Takeaway: The most important part to remember is that the helmet is for your safety and that none of your custom designs should ever inhibit the safety that your helmet provides for you. If there is a risk that a customization on your helmet might reduce the effectiveness of the helmet’s safety then you should not add that customized option.


What are some good custom designs for a Motorcycle Helmet?

There are a variety of different things you can change or add to our helmet to make completely customizable. Whilst there are a lot different small items there are also some pre-made additions which you should consider to give you an idea of what is customizable and help you make your own decisions on what you want:


SkullSkins A Skin On Fire Motorcycle Helmet Street Skin (Yellow/Orange)

SkullSkins Fire Crossbones Motorcycle Goggle Skin (Black/Orange)
  • 100 per cent see-thru
  • Just peel and stick
  • One size fits most goggles


One of the most common designs to have for motorcycle helmets is a skull design. It’s not known why, except for perhaps the perceived “coolness” of skulls amongst male audiences. This custom helmet skin is not exclusive to this design, but can come with different colors or features making it a definite customizable aspect.


Red Flame Rhinestone Motorcycle Helmet 3M Sticker Patch

Twisted Tribal Flames Motorcycle Tank Decal Kit in Red Inferno
  • 10" w x 3.25" h
  • 5 to 7 Year Vinyl Graphic
  • Sold as a Set of 2


A smaller sized sticker patch that contains a lot of features listed previous that are perfect when you want to customize your motorcycle helmet, these designs are not just exclusive to a rhinestone flame. Many other designs can be found and in different colors, created to be visually appealing as well as stick strong and provide a great look to your helmet.


Halo 4 Helmet Mask Master Chief Helmet with Blue Flash LED Light, Master Chief Cosplay Armor with Honeycomb Glass (Deluxe Version)

Bestseller No. 1
HALO Master Chief Adult Full Helmet Costume Accessory
  • Officially Licensed product
  • Product Includes: One character helmet.
  • Whether it's Halloween, birthday parties, or even a fun filled night, disguise is good for everything!


One of the other possible choices for a customized motorcycle helmet, this video game series is quite popular and has a cult following. Helmets that are custom built can range from a variety of different video games to movies, television shows, books, fantasy, mythology, whatever you can think of.

Key Takeaway: Whilst some of these features seem a slight bit miniscule on their own or even over the top, they provide a very good idea of the endless possibilities you have for customizing your motorcycle helmet and stylizing it to look exactly how you want it to look in preparation for when you go for a journey on your motorcycle.



Whether you’re customizing your motorcycle helmet to fit in with a particular style, create a matching look between your gear and your motorcycle or just want to add your own unique touch to your helmet, you should never feel worried or embarrassed about how it looks. The best part of customizability is that every design is unique.