What are the best Brands of Motorcycle Helmets?

Helmets are a requirement when riding a motorcycle; you can’t go without it as it is a prime protection for your face and head. Law also requires it; riding without a helmet can be an offense and you can face fines or charges. If you have just recently bought a motorcycle and you’re looking for the perfect helmet to accompany you on your rides, we have listed here some of the best motorcycle helmet brands.

This can be a good guide especially if you have no idea with what’s out there that you can rely on. Choosing the best brands not only ensures you that you will get quality ones that can provide enough protection for your head but also you’ll get value for your money.


What are some motorcycle helmet brands that are worth checking out?

HJC Helmets – This brand is one of the bestselling brands in the United States because they create high quality helmets that compete with other expensive helmets without burning a hole in your pocket. Although HJC helmets are relatively affordable, it doesn’t sacrifice quality at all.

Those who do not wish to splurge on a new helmet but would still want to get one that they can trust can opt for HJC’s wide array of helmets. Their products are manufactured in China, Vietnam or Korea where their factories are located. HJC has begun designing and manufacturing helmets since 1971.

Check out these HJC Helmets:


HJC Helmets IS-16 Helmet (Black, Medium)

HJC Helmets HJ-09 RST Mirror Gold Shield For AC-12, CL-15, CL-16,CL-17,CL-SP,CS-R1,CS-R2,FS-10, FS-15, IS-16, FG-15
  • This dynamic shield from HJC is coated with metallic compounds in a high vacuum chamber to give it a unique rainbow appearance
  • The coating improves eye protection via its high degree of surface reflection
  • It looks great too


HJC Helmets CL-MAX 2 Helmet (Matte Black, Medium)

HJC Helmets 972-613 CL-MAX 2 Helmet (Matte Black, Medium)
  • Ready for Bluetooth communication (Bluetooth unit sold separately)
  • Advanced polycarbonate composite shell with adjustable polycarbonate chin bar; lightweight, superior fit and comfort using advanced CAD technology
  • Single-button chin bar/face shield release; open with one hand even with gloves on


HJC Genesis Men’s IS-17 Street Motorcycle Helmet

HJC IS-17 Lank Helmet (Black/Hi-Vis, Medium) XF-10-0818-1633-05
  • Advanced Polycarbonate Compact Shell: Lightweight, superior fit & comfort using advanced CAD technology.
  • Impact absorbing, multiple density EPS liner.
  • One-Touch Integrated Smoke-Tinted SunShield (HJ-V7): Deploys quickly and easily even with gloves on.


Scorpion Helmets – This brand is focused on technology and innovation so you can rest assured that helmets bought from this brand can give you not only protection but also ease when it comes to ventilation and aerodynamics. The company was started by Jang Park who used his 30 years of experience in the motorcycle industry to design the helmets.

One of the ideals of the company is to create premium helmets designed after expensive racing helmets so that novice motorcyclists can bask with the experience of having such helmet without breaking the bank. Their helmets are manufactured near their headquarters in North America and Europe.

Some noteworthy Scorpion Helmets are:


Scorpion EXO-500 Graphics Helmet, Gray Ardent

Scorpion EXO-500 Corsica Red/Neon Yellow Full Face Helmet - Small
  • Premium Polycarbonate shell: Developed exclusively by Scorpion, our industry-leading polycarbonate shell is engineered to minimize weight and disperse impact
  • EverClear No Fog Faceshield: Optically-clear shield with state-of-the art fog free technology. Anti-Scratch hardened coating. 100% UV protection
  • SpeedView SunVisor: Retractable interchangeable internal sun visor. Choose the up or down position with the flip of the switch. Features our exclusive EverClear anti-fog coating on all surfaces.


Scorpion Women’s EXO-750 Kingdom Helmet


Scorpion EXO-400 Solid Matte Black X-Large Full Face Helmet

Scorpion EXO-400 Solid Black Medium Snowmobile Ready Dual Pane Helmet
  • Custom shield and internal breath box for the ultimate fog-free vision and Dual-Pane system features an outer 'cold' shield and an inner 'warm' shield separated by a cushion of air for a fog-free ride
  • Advanced polycarbonate composite engineered shell gives quiet, aero-tuned design for wind-tunnel tested comfort and EPS-lined chin bar for additional protection
  • Ventilation system is adjustable, indexed front and rear vents with aero-tuned rear spoiler reduce lift, create vacuum and maximize airflow through helmet


Shoei Helmets – If you are looking for a helmet brand that offers comfort, perfect fit, great attention to detail, high safety ratings, and premium materials, look no further as Shoei helmets have them all. These premium helmets have already built a huge following and fan base since its creation. For over 50 years, the company has been known to sell high-end helmets composed of carbon fiber and Kevlar shells.

Most Shoei helmets are manufactured in Japan and they come with a five-year warranty so you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth and that the company is backing the quality of their products very seriously. Despite the large volume of sales and their popularity, Shoei remains as a small company with only about 500 employees.

Shoei is definitely one of the best brands of motorcycle helmets. If you’re eyeing for one, be prepared to splurge, as the helmets don’t come cheap!

Check out the following Shoei Helmets:


Shoei Solid Qwest Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet 

DK-140 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Duke Series +FREE Tinted Visor
  • GDM Duke DK-140 Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet (Large)
  • DOT FMVSS-218 Certified
  • Aerodynamic shell design constructed using advanced lightweight composite poly-alloy


Shoei Solid Neotec Modular Motorcycle Helmet – Matte Black

Shoei Neotec II Helmet (LARGE) (MATTE BLACK)
  • SHOEI NEOTEC II - Experience the Versatility.
  • When SHOEI first introduced the NEOTEC in 2011, riders worldwide realized not all modular helmets were created equal.
  • With its lightweight, highly-aerodynamic shell, advanced noise reduction, and optimal vision protection, all combined with an ease of use (critical to a modular helmet), SHOEI had indeed achieved new heights in head gear design.


Shoei Journey GT-Air Street Bike Racing Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Journey GT-Air Street Bike Racing Helmet - TC-1/X-Small
  • Shoei Journey GT-Air Street Bike Racing Helmet
  • 2013 Model
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard


AGV Helmets – AGV stands for Amisano Gino Valenza, who is an Italian helmet manufacturer of highly regarded helmets because of its high quality and rich history. The company was established by only one person in his home’s basement in 1946. It grained prominence and rose through the ranks around the 1960s after many popular racers turned to use the AGV helmets.

Since then AGV has been one of the best and reliable helmet brands. Because of its prestige and constant innovation, many riders flock to AGV. The brand is also fairly affordable and has designs that suit novice riders.

See below for some AGV Helmets worth checking:



  • SSL (Super Super Light) carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass outer shell
  • Chin guard base acts as shock-absorber
  • IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with wide ducts hollowed into the EPS shell (three front vents, one top vent and two rear extractors)


AGV Blade Solid Helmet – Medium/White

AGV Blade Solid Helmet , Size: XS, Primary Color: White, Distinct Name: White, Helmet Category: Street, Helmet Type: Open-face Helmets, Gender: Mens/Unisex 042154A0001004
  • Step into the future of helmets with the aggressive and forward-thinking Blade
  • Painted HIR-TH (High Resistant Thermoplastic) resin
  • Two shell sizes


AGV Miglia Modular II Helmet – Large/Flat Black

Motorcycle MODULAR Full Face Helmet Flip-Up Dual Visor DOT Street Legal (M, Carbon Fiber)
  • MODULAR Full Face Flip-Up Dual Visor Helmet DOT Approved
  • Versatile Hybrid between full-face and open-face helmets
  • MODULAR FLIP-UP SYSTEM, Flip-Up Clear Visor and Retractable Smoked Inner Shield


Nolan Helmets – Like Shoei, Nolan is one of the most popular and established helmet manufacturers in the world. The brand is popular because of its continuous improvements and introduction of cutting-edge technology. Lander Nocchi started the company in 1972 in Mozzo, Italy and now the brand is being distributed to up to 70 countries.

Nolan was the first used a thermoplastic material called Lexan 101 Polycarbonate that are lightweight and versatile, which is ideal for the production of helmets. They were also the first to have its own plant that manufactures scratch-resistant visors. As for the price point, their products are cheaper than Shoei, but slightly more expensive than the other brands listed here.

Check out the following Nolan Helmets below:


Nolan N-44 N-Com Storm Modular Helmet

Nolan N-44 N-Com Storm Helmet, Distinct Name: Storm Flat Black, Gender: Mens/Unisex, Helmet Category: Street, Helmet Type: Modular Helmets, Primary Color: Black, Size: 2XS N445275510099
  • Latest evolution of the hugely popular N43E is updated in both function and design
  • Produced in two outer shell sizes of injected polycarbonate GE Lexan, keeping the helmets weight to a minimum and proportionate to the riders size; the dimensionally correct sizing allows ample cubic volume in the chin/nose area
  • Innovative ventilation system is also equipped with an air intake in the chin guard, an air intake in the frontal area and two rear extractors recycling air inside the helmet


Nolan N104 Solid Modular Helmet – Large/Metallic White

Nolan N104 Evo Solid Helmet Metallic White (White, Large)
  • Injected polycarbonate GE Lexan shell
  • 2 shell engineering allows Nolan to offer sizes from 2XS to 3XL
  • Dimensionally correct sizing allows ample cubic volume in chin/nose area


Nolan N-86 Deep Non N-Com Full-face Helmet, Black


Key Takeaway: The best motorcycle helmet brands listed above are very reliable and all produce DOT-certified helmets that will undoubtedly provide protection. Although they are more expensive than most helmets, you can surely rely on them for quality.



When it comes to getting a helmet, consider first the material used, structure, comfort, and protection it can provide you. It doesn’t matter if you have to splurge a bit more as long as you can trust the helmet brand that you’ve chosen. Helmets are definitely one of the most important piece you need when going on a ride, no matter how short or long the distance, so make sure that you have a helmet from one of the reputable helmet brands, such as the ones listed above.