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Redhill Motorcycle Werx is dedicated to advanced precision tuning. Through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology, Dynojet's MODEL 250 Dynamometer can quickly and accurately diagnose motorcycle performance problems by simulating the best "seat-of-the-pant" road testing right in the shop.

The Dynojet 250 is perfect for ensuring maximum performance, fuel economy and reliability with carburetors and fuel-injected bikes.

Redhill Motorcycle Werx will interpret the information provided by the Dynojet and make the necessary corrections to your engine. From your initial visit, service records are managed on an efficient database and stored in a reference library for the longevity of your bike maintenance.

Redhill performs dynamometer tuning, diagnostic work, and performance enhancements. As an additional benefit for our customers, we will dyno every bike that comes in for servicing with customer approval:

• To quickly analyze each bike's state of tune beforehand, and in many cases rectify any problems while performing the service.

• To provide you with before and after printouts, which document improvements and can help when selling a bike.

• Dyno runs are done before and after to ensure proper service.

• All data is saved for future reference, to track how your machine withstands the test of time.

• Performance Tuning and Mapping.

With the addition of the new air/fuel ratio monitor, every dyno run can show not only horsepower and torque, but also exact air/fuel ratio, taking the guesswork out of fueling adjustments.

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