Redhill Custom Bikes

Redhill Motorcycle Werx

" Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of gas before you can think straight. " Anonymous

We are all about custom; it's what makes this all Intriguing! Redhill cranks out some of the most unique bikes you'll see anywhere.



We are nationally recognized and have been scene on abc, nbc, cbs and Fox. Our bikes have graced the pages of Easyriders, V-Twin, Hot Bike, ThunderPress, Barnett's, Southwest Scooter News and Quick Throttle, to name just a few. The trophy case boasts awards from such great national shows, including Denver Easyriders, Daytona Ratshole, Sturgis Ironhorse/Penthouse and Thunder in the Rockies Ratshole.

2005 Redhill Motorcycle Werx